“The interval between the decay of the old and the formation and the establishment of the new, constitutes a period of transition which must always necessarily be one of uncertainty, confusion, error, and wild and fierce fanaticism.”-John C. Calhoun

There will be a new design and changes on the blog as well as a new website and new artwork coming soon for

This year, thus far, has been full of transitions and I am excited, amazed and scared all at the same time. Much of what I am doing and much of everything that has occurred--shocking, wonderful, heartbreaking, amazing and inspiring-- in the past few months has ushered me into profound and absolutely new territories. Life is new and I am being renewed daily!

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What transitions have you experienced lately?


My current obsessions are these wonderful finds from Lapin & Me They are on my must have list which means they will all be in my possession soon! Except for this wonderful cushion that seems to be sold out.

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If you can find it in stock elsewhere please let me know...until then, I'm on the hunt!

What are your current pop-session?


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Much like Alice Kingsley I've ventured off to a Wonderland full of adventures that have resulted in many lessons learned. Since my last blog entry: I'm a month shy of completing my 1st year of graduate school with straight A's and have worked a lot, read a lot, networked a lot and painted a lot, all while loving effectively in my relationships. Wonderland doesn’t come without its hardships, I lost what would be the “White Queen”—my grandmother— who passed on Feb. 28, 2010 and as each day inches closer to the day she departed Earth I remember something great about her and try to move on without really moving. I miss her every second of the day and the way she called my name. I have a deeper appreciation for the sacrifices that were made by my ancestors and my parents so I can dream and become that dream on the basis of their hard work and prayers.

I have come to realize that I am an artist who is learning to master the art of living and sometimes a break is needed to simply re-asses things so you can live abundantly in your destiny.

**The new blog and new website will be coming in the next few months and all of the artwork that I have been pouring my soul into will be shared with the world soon. I'm excited and hope you all are creating beautiful moments and mastering the art of living.

Taschen+Rizzoli I Love You:
100 Contemporary Designers+Artists

I recently tweeted @TheDuchessofArt about my love for Taschen and Rizzoli. Thought I'd share two of my most recent additions to my growing book collection + one of my fav books by Rizzoli.

The Taschen books are 2 volumes per title and hardcover full-color lovelies.

Rizzoli's "Murakami", is an out of print book and if you can snatch one good luck ;)

photos via Taschen and Rizzoli respectively

Über Fab huh...get acquainted here.

+Amazon: Murakami

*Read the fine print, there is a surcharge for Taschen books+its not eligible for Free-shipping...these stacks of deliciousness are heavy!

Sun vs. Stars

"The stars and the sun both shine neither is greater than the other...they both inspire light; so encourage others as you emit light instead of casting shade!"-Tanekeya Word