Taschen+Rizzoli I Love You:
100 Contemporary Designers+Artists

I recently tweeted @TheDuchessofArt about my love for Taschen and Rizzoli. Thought I'd share two of my most recent additions to my growing book collection + one of my fav books by Rizzoli.

The Taschen books are 2 volumes per title and hardcover full-color lovelies.

Rizzoli's "Murakami", is an out of print book and if you can snatch one good luck ;)

photos via Taschen and Rizzoli respectively

Über Fab huh...get acquainted here.

+Amazon: Murakami

*Read the fine print, there is a surcharge for Taschen books+its not eligible for Free-shipping...these stacks of deliciousness are heavy!

Sun vs. Stars

"The stars and the sun both shine neither is greater than the other...they both inspire light; so encourage others as you emit light instead of casting shade!"-Tanekeya Word

FALL Art SALE!!!!!-Update

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“Donne Di lusso: Vivid” © 2008
48”X12” $500 $150

“Donne Di lusso: Haute Couture” © 2008
36”x48” $1500 $500

“Donne Di lusso: Babydoll” © 2008
18”X24” (3 in. deep canvas stretched) $500 $100

“Donne Di lusso: Bare Necessity” © 2008

40”X40” $1500 $500 (local pick-up or $100 for s+h)

“Donne Di lusso: Vintage Vixen” © 2008

30”X30” $800 $250

“Donne Di lusso: Alpha Sweetheart” © 2008

24X24” $600 $150
**Perfect for a true AKA woman who adores her Alpha Man!!!

“Donne Di lusso: Stardom” © 2008

36”X48” $800 $200

“Donne Di lusso: Lyric” © 2007
24”X48” $1500 $400

“Donne Di lusso: Spot-It Paparazzi” © 2008
24”X48” $1000 $300

“Donne Di lusso: The Cool” © 2008
24”X24” $1000 $500

“Donne Di lusso: Infamous” © 2008
24”X24” $1000 $500

SORRY We're SOLD!!!!!!!

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POP Love: Ode to Louis Vuitton
"Louis Vuitton: Art, Fashion and Architecture"

I just adore Louis Vuitton's artist collaborations, so, I had to have this book!

Deluxe edition designed by Takashi Murakami:
Hardcover “LV with Hands” jacket and
a plexiglass slipcase silk-screened in Damier pattern.
On sale exclusively in Louis Vuitton’s stores
and here

POPULARized: Tauba Auerbach
"Don't Font You Know U Like It'

pics via artist

Tauba Auerbach's typology is so fresh and energetic! She has found ways to take the alphabet to a different level; thus, creating a contemporary hieroglyphic of the English language. In 2006 she actually alphabetized the entire New Testament of the Holy Bible with her typology. You can't front on her fonts, I need a print of A-Z soon! Tauba, hit me when you make this happen!

+ Learn How to Spell the Alphabet here

POP Love: "Bamboo earrings. At least two pair."

pics via hillcity

What I love about Adam Tillman-Young's work is that he somehow naturalizes the often exaggerated pop culture aesthetic while maintaining its bold feel. As a pop-culture fanatic I just had to add this emerging multi-media artist to my collection. Check out the Writer, Photographer & Filmmaker here and in the September 2009 issue of "O" magazine pg. 195 (pic of Mayda del Valle) !

Creative Lioness Chanel @junkprints continues to amaze me with her innovative quirky pieces:

via junkprints

"Keepin' It Real" low is the door knocker waist purse by YANA

via Karmaloop

Last but not least, the infamous Melody Ehsani...I love my "Duchess Ring" that she created for me last year and these Roy Lichtenstein pop inspired doorknockers:

via Karmaloop

The post wouldn't be complete without this:

POP Inspiration: Roy Lichtenstein

pic via artist

I love the pictures that Laurie Lambrecht took of POP-Art icon Roy Lichtenstein in his studio. This would be the perfect piece to have in my home, it looks as if Roy has jumped into one of his wonderful works of art. Check out more studio shots below.

+ More Roy here