POP Love: "Bamboo earrings. At least two pair."

pics via hillcity

What I love about Adam Tillman-Young's work is that he somehow naturalizes the often exaggerated pop culture aesthetic while maintaining its bold feel. As a pop-culture fanatic I just had to add this emerging multi-media artist to my collection. Check out the Writer, Photographer & Filmmaker here and in the September 2009 issue of "O" magazine pg. 195 (pic of Mayda del Valle) !

Creative Lioness Chanel @junkprints continues to amaze me with her innovative quirky pieces:

via junkprints

"Keepin' It Real" low is the door knocker waist purse by YANA

via Karmaloop

Last but not least, the infamous Melody Ehsani...I love my "Duchess Ring" that she created for me last year and these Roy Lichtenstein pop inspired doorknockers:

via Karmaloop

The post wouldn't be complete without this:

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