POPULARazzi: Certified Breathable

I decided to leave the cold and snow behind to experience sunny LA. Its such a breath of fresh air to view the great art, wonderful shops and amazing food here. Speaking of "fresh air" I lost my breath today after seeing the gorgeous layouts on one of my favorite sites shebreathes! As of today, I am officially "certified breathable' please check out the interview here

POPULARazzi: Fruit of My Labor

So, I am working on my new book! Its a combination of things so I will give more details when the content is solid and the release date is confirmed. I must admit, I am overly excited about all of my future projects being released in 2010!!!!! One thing I have learned over the past year is that passionate projects take longer. Not that I am not passionate about all of my work; but, there is a HUGE difference in a project (long) and a series (short). As a writer and an artist I am pulled by a force to do both of these and when I say I looove to read and gain knowledge that's an understatement. I am very analytical and a lover of deep thoughts, the mind is like the freshest fruit. So, it is only natural for me to have fruit trees growing inside my mind. I pick it often and encourage others to do the same, trust me there is a lot of food for thought up there.

I am growing an orchard in my head right now, that consists of about 10 projects, there seeds have been laid and tilled for almost 2 years and I stay working sun up and sundown on them. I grow because of the living water poured on me daily and the light of encouragement that others give and that I give daily. You see sowing good seeds reaps a harvest proportionate to that which you have sown. I pray that the fruit of my labor inspires you all and I am excited to share a piece of my harvest with you sooner than later. While you all are waiting on the new projects check out my book "Sugar In the Raw: A Love Saga" here its your dessert for today and be encouraged daily to "Live What You Love"

POPULARazzi: Better Late than Never

There is nothing like a blizzard to keep you locked indoors and at the mercy of leisure time. I've managed to organize everything in site (yes, I am a neat freak) and I have given myself a polish change. I decided on something colorful like the South Beach Collection by OPI "On Collins Ave." better to dream of South Beach than look out your window and see the North Pole. My goal is to read all of my March issue magazines and to start one book and have it completed by this time next week. I believe a book challenge is in order I collect so many then read 2-3 at a time so it can take forever to finish one. At any cost its better late than never to start a project and finish it than to not attempt or finish it at all. What have you read lately?

"Live What You Love" and have a Gorgeous Day!


I have been a fan of KAWS ONE's work for sometime and would love to own a piece one day, both Kanye and Pharrell own work, (I'm still trying to get lunch with them). The Clipse will also feature work by the talented KAWS on their new album. There are two main reasons for my admiration towards KAWS, my infinite love of color, pop art and any artist who breaks barriers and mixes art collectors and skaters in the same room is cool by me...loves it!

I plan to attend KAWS's exhibit at Honor Fraser Gallery in LA which begins Feb. 21st and ends April 4th 2009...will certainly take pics and update the site after.

Enjoy the video and become inspired to Live What You Love

POPULARazzi:The Idea of “Having it All”

If there was ever a “Pinocchio Story” as Kanye so eloquently spits it, then there has to be some truth in the tale that “a real boy” or shall we say “real woman” can “have it all” and still be unhappy. The idea of having it all is simply that—an idea! Over blackberry messenger, tears, lattes and laughter my girls and I began concocting a remedy to all of this social madness. Sacrifice, was the main ingredient! It was so bitter-sweet that it left an after taste in ones mouth like Godiva dark chocolate, a vente caramel macchiato, “Excuse me honey, hold the caramel,” or stilettos without the inches; but, it was necessary. In life, how can anyone obtain the true sense of sweet fulfillment without the sour days in between? We have all bitten the heads off of dense chocolate Easter bunnies and swore it was the best chocolate ever, which was before we became chocolate aficionados. Had we not loved hot chocolate which was enough to quench our thirsts on the coldest of days before we had latte days or had we not worn chunky wedges or kitten heels before we became stiletto sharp? Our lives should be rich in sacrifices because they are merely steps to attaining our “all”. It is not what society tells you the “all” should be in your life; it is your heart’s desires which are as individualistic as each of our taste buds. Some might say, "Are the sacrifices worth “having it all”? For this I shall say, analyze your life and if it’s based on material things, if it’s to prove yourself to someone, to be seen and adored by people so you feel loved, then the sacrifice of your true self will never be worth it. Your all has to be aligned with your God-given purpose and I am sure you will get a few sweet treats in between, a few and not "all" of the sweet treats because too much honey is never a good thing. I leave you with one man’s story of “having it all” and chasing the “American Dream”…u decide what it “all” really means!
"Live What You Love"

POPULARazzi: Confessions of a Pop-Culture Addict

Experiencing one of the rainiest days this side of the rainbow I chose to sit on my “rainy day fund” and go cold turkey. After trying many days, weeks and months to wean myself from fashion magazines, blogs and retail-therapy, I finally came to the realization, as I gave myself a delicious mani-pedi while reading Vogue, “If I could just have it all I would be satisfied!” It was just that simple, there was no need to result to the iconic 12 step programs, the overpriced rehab centers or dialing the anonymous hotlines for I had tried them all on like several pairs of Louboutins; yet, no matter the distance I traveled my sole red stained, I just couldn’t bare kicking the habit and ruining my most prized possession. I would be crazy right? My frustration had now grown six inches higher and in the event of trying to balance it all I dropped my precious Vogue and my very hard to find bottle of O.P.I. fell right on the most beautiful high-fashion layout and Pop-Couture Art was born! A mishap…no fashionistas this was an intervention, a divine one at that because not only did I have the remedy for my addiction I was thankful the polish did not deface my shoes since I also now had the perfect excuse to throw on my new raincoat and run out to buy yet another book and art supplies. Yes, this re-formed Pop-Culture addict is now a Pop-Culture artist who creates original artwork for those that love art, fashion, design, color, pop-culture and having it all. Well, did I say re-formed addict…sort of like a functional addict…yeah, that’s it ;)

POP Quote: It's A Woman's World

" I love to see a young girl go out and grab the world by the lapels. Life's a bitch. You've got to go out and kick ass."-Maya Angelou

Game Time Decision

Recently, I found out that my love for nail polish was actually an addiction! I have collected several colors and they are all just as gorgeous as the acrylic paints that I buy tons of (hey, its my profession)! Unfortunately, I had no excuse to buy the wonderful nail lacquers until I discovered..."hey, this is a great opportunity to express being financially savvy". It is a "recession" and I am doing my part by partaking in my own manicures! To be quite honest, I always find a problem when someone else is painting my nails...its half done no matter how expensive the mani/pedi is. So, as a "Loyal Leo" I went directly to write a list down of all of my fav O.P.I. colors. This list is like the dream team, you know back in the day when Jordan was on the dream team, I am sure to score all of the hottest looks with this. There was only one problem...the "Jordan" color was asking for a "Jordan" salary....why was the rare color "Jasper Jade" retailing for $55 plus shipping! Are you serious, this color was doing better than the stock market from $8.50 to $55 in a matter of 12 years who knew nail polish was an investment in beauty and in wealth :) My excuses are getting better by the minute! So, I have a game time decision to make...do I purchase the "Jordan" (O.P.I. Jasper Jade) or go with the "Pippen" (China Glaze Gussied Up)? Check out the Color Comparisons here

1 Reason 2 Admire Kanye

If you read my last post, you would know that I have a serious admiration for Kanye & Pharrell's artistic style and visions, from what I have seen in the media we may also have similar personality traits, (I would love to meet them both one day just to find out for myself and marvel at their art collections).

So, it's officially a Kanye West day for me! I just played "Stronger" which was my 07 anthem followed by "Say You Will", that song just does it for me, while browsing the net. Usually, I get up every morning and read anything I can get my hands on just to see what's going on in the art/entertainment industry (the good stuff). I began a content fast; so, I don't cater to reading the downward spiral info (yes, I have read a few in the past) but it doesn't inspire me; so, I must save room in this head of mine for only marvelous things.

*pictures via So Haute

"Welcome to heartbreak", doesn't the sight of West's home makes your heart hurt from the sheer pain of beauty. A sandblasted modern door greets you and once opened the beautiful walnut flooring holds its on against the bronze orange painted Hermes shopping bag sculpture by Johnathan Sigler. There is nothing like Campbell's soup in the kitchen which of course are iconic Andy Warhol prints. Ernie Barnes, one of my favorite artists and actually he was also a football player created a commissioned piece entitled "A Life Restored" for Kanye after his near fatal accident. The living room has of course non-other than Takashi Murakami's acrylic and canvas piece "Time Bokam-Missing in the Eyes-Red". Just when you thought it was over Kanye commissioned six pieces of artwork (only 4 shown here) from Burton Morris inspired by "The Jetsons", he also owns a "Smacks" and a "Big Boy" piece from the same artist. The office is very colorful filled with pillows by Takashi, a screen print by Russell Young, Eames leather swivel chair and Maurice Calka's boomerang desk is ridiculously scrumptious. Not only does Kanye do luxury, modern and contemporary like no other he has the audacity to have a framed signature of my man Andy Warhol...seriously invite me over for lunch!

Have a Gorgeous Day and rememeber to "Live What You Love"...Smooches!

25 Random Things About Me

While logging into facebook I was tagged a few times in notes called "25 Random Things". The rule is that if you are tagged you have to write 25 things and tag others...so, I gave it a try:

1. If I were a boy my personality would be a mixture of Pharrell and Kanye; I believe this is why I admire these guys (call me ;).

2. I love hard.

3. I am not a sensitive person; so, its almost impossible to hurt my feelings...I shrug 99.9% of things off as if its someone's personal opinion so it doesn't reflect me.

4.I am a natural go-getta who suffers from hustle-itis, like my muse says "Only real hustler's need apply!"

5. I've been told that I am not a full-time job; but, a career...I never knew what that meant...LOL!

6. I feel a strange connection with California, sorta like I was born to live there.

7.I just became a tamed lioness (I learned to choose my battles...I'm a warrior by nature)

8.I never wanted children until I met my niece and nephews.

9.I never appreciated my name until I discovered Google ( I can always find me on top of the list).

10.I secretly wish I could sing because I would burst out in song, mid sentence, with adlibs....thank you!

11.I just learned how to drive (parents chauffeured me, my sisters say because I was overly spoiled)...yeah, don't get in a car with me just yet...maybe by summer...LOL!

12. I'm a beauty connoisseur...if I love it I collect it!

13.I dream of restoring a bungalow

14. My favorite time is alone time

15. Colors speak to me like emotions

16. My mind is always in overdrive so I have a pen and paper everywhere

17. I love teaching my 7 year old niece the meaning of words and how to spell them such as "perpendicular"...she learned it in 2 minutes and won McDonald's (ugh!) then went to school and showed off...that's my girl :)

18.When I am silent__________________ (I think I will keep this to myself)

19. I never knew my strength until it was tested, now I'm STRONGER.

20. I love vegetables (even brussel spouts)

21. I am infatuated with gloves

22. I dream BIG

23. My BIGGEST weakness is Loyalty (darn that Leo trait...LOL)

24. If I really want something nothing can stand in my way from getting it, enough said (I'm a fierce lioness)

25. I've never wished I could be anyone but me

In the Beginning

It is without further a due that I begin my quest of blogging. I could choose no better topic than my life as a pop-culture artist because it can get very interesting each day. What better way to start off my blog than a feature!

First, let me say...I am super thrilled and honored to be featured on the hottest fashion blog LateBoots, shout out to Sham & Marquis.Phifer these two will certainly be iconic in Pop-culture history so please don't sleep and add them to your daily blog read. Have a gorgeous day and most importantly "Live What You Love!"