POP Treat: Isabel Samaras "Confessions of a Pretty Wild Thang"

Isabel Samaras exhibition "Into the Woods" combines pop-culture with surrealism and I love it! As an artist and creative/art director, works based on concepts are my favorite; I love to see a thought evolve without the artist losing their audience. Maybe, that's also why I create series and why I collect series too. I'm just impressed by how far an artist can take an idea in a short span of time. Samaras killed this concept and do you see the porcupine rocking the Melody Ehsani Love+Hate rings....go Melody!

all pics via Isabel Samaras

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POPULARazzi: Right Back at Cha'

I've been working very hard in the studio on a few projects that will be revealed this fall and throughout next year. Thanks so much for visiting the blog and I will be back to the schedule program on Monday. Expect to see some wonderful posts coming up...if you haven't followed the blog take the time out to subscribe and tell all your friends! I hope you all are living what you love or working towards it today!

POP Treat: Indulgence

ZENG LINGXIN is a prodigy at bridging the gap of fine art and commercialism. Juxtaposing luxury items next to her characters, she creates a world full of indulgences that her consumers want to buy into. I must admit, she had me at Chanel...where should I send the check!

pics via Andrew James Art

POP Inspiration: Yellena + Zhou Fan

As a lover of patterns, colors, detail and creativity Yellena and Zhou Fan are two contemporary artists who give me just the right dose of inspiration!

pics via yellena

pics via Zhou

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POPULARized: Vee Speers "Birthday Cake Anyone"

Back in the day the cake was the star of the party and now fashion has stepped in to take a slice. Vee Speers, an Australian photographer based in Paris for over a decade, was inspired by her daughter's birthday party and the concept of role playing when she created this wonderful photographic series. I've been mesmerized with this series for awhile now and decided to share it after the book was released. "The Birthday Party" is whimsical and the concept is oh so delicious-the only thing missing is the cake!

all pics via Veers

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POP Treat: Matt Sesow

Matt Sesow's work seems to be influenced by Jean-Michel Basquiat yet infused with his own personal experiences, emotions and inspiration. I love that fact that Sesow,subconsciously or consciously, modernizes the legacy of Basquiat by re-inventing the style with his own twist. The "Bumble" and "Bee" are two of my favorite pieces and they've already SOLD...if you are interested in his work get it when you see it...I'm hoping he makes another "Bumble" and "Bee" piece!

all pics via Sesow

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POP Treat: Draw Me Closer

pics via Nikki

Nikki Farquharson & Maya Wild are two London based artists on the move. Drawing from fashion and life these women are sure to illustrate the importance of art, life and fashion!

pics via Maya

Oh, I must leave you with two modern Proverbs by Nikki:

pics via Nikki

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Gallery POPPING: Khalif Kelly's "Electronicon"

On my way to check out Barkley L. Hendricks exhibition "The Birth of Cool", I serendipitously came across Khalif Kelly's work. Known for having a "vivid palette", Kelly takes 80s nostalgia and presents it in a new packaging for us to enjoy. It reminds you of hot days, jolly ranchers, corner stores and kool-aid. Check out his new exhibit at Santa Monica Museum of Art, I could not take pictures of the exhibition; but there are 5-7 paintings in Project Room 1 and I loved the paintings of the robots, a rabbit and 80s boys! He is currently one of my favorite artists and I am looking forward to seeing more of his amazing work. Check him out and let me know what you think!

all pics via TGP

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