POP Quote: The Power of Words

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"The pen is mightier than the sword."-Edward Bulwer-Lytton

POPULARized: Gordon Parks+T.Magic

“But I, being poor, have only my dreams. I have spread my dreams under your feet; tread softly, because you tread on my dreams.”-William Butler Yeats

How often do we find that our dreams are built on the struggles of our ancestors? We are a people who have been creative masterminds for centuries--indigenous to making something out of nothing. Gordon Parks and T.Magic are a part of this rich heritage past and present they help to weave a legacy of HOPE! Their works overcome barriers by situating the marginalized people and places of the world into the mainstream so that they can be seen and hoping that once they have been seen they too will be recognized.

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Gallery POPPING: Recap
Natalia Fabia in "Hooker DreamEscape"

If your mind has ever gone on a marathon and just so happened to wonder, then the answer is,yes hookers have dreams too! Personally, I had to see what their dreams consisted of so in February I headed to the Corey Helford Gallery in Culver City, LA to view the solo exhibition "DreamEscape" by Natalia Fabia who calls herself the "hooker painter." I can only imagine the surprised look on your face; but, by "hooker" she means the dictionary version of “someone who sells their talent or abilities." Fabia proclaims, "Everyone is a hooker...especially artists!" Fabia later began to develop her own definition after creating a few hooker series and "eventually the term 'hooker' has developed to mean a strong, independent, talented, hot chick too...and I am lucky because all of my friends happen to be hot hookers and that is who I paint." At the ripe age of 26 she is a professional painter, a photographer and jewelry designer who's paying tribute to all of the strong, independent, talented hot chicks who think hookers are cool!

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POP Treat: Paper Chasers
Julene Harrison+Esther Ramirez

Creative Visionaries Julene Harrison of MadebyJulene & Esther of Essimar Papel are showing us how to cut and stack our paper! Check them out!

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POP Inspiration Media: Cool Saturday

Nigel Evan Dennis is a cool cat: artist, designer and musician from the Chi! Be inspired to do it all today!

A Lull "Skinny Fingers" from A Lull on Vimeo.via ned

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School of POP: Talent vs. Character 101

"Sometimes our talent can take us places where our character cannot sustain us."-Pastor Keith Battle

One of the most imperative lessons to be learned in our society is that talent doesn't equate great character. In fact, it takes great character to catapult your talent to the next level--if you are aiming for longevity. I am sure you have seen many talented people who just quite never made it because of their attitude or artists whose fall from stardom can be seen play by play including a free soundtrack followed by a mug shot, court hearing and then a "where are they now" moment. With all of the energy it takes to chase your dream who needs a character flaw to be the reason why it never happened or the reason why it ended. I'm just saying...I want to see you make it Superstar!

POP Quote: The Language of Creativity

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“Creativity is an unknown language everyone understands.”

Advertising Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi, Milan, Italy
Creative Directors: Guido Cornara, Agostino Toscana
Art Directors: Micaela Trani, Williams Tattoli
Copywriter: Antonio Gigliotti

Barkley L. Hendricks+Kehinde Wiley

“Every generation needs regeneration”-Charles H. Spurgeon

Why does the image of an older man spending precious time talking to a younger man warm the hearts of many? I believe that it’s because we become witnesses to one of the most authentic moments in life-regeneration! This is where energy is transferred and power is given to one generation from another generation to make it his own and then pass it along. Without such a process we as a culture would be extinct. Imagine Hendricks and Wiley respectively as the older man and younger man and their works of art as a snapshot of that moment in time, where the power of style was transferred from one creative master to another creative genius in order to re-create and re-invent it as his own history. These Yale men may be different on various levels, yet it is apparent that they share a common link: to stylize the African-American and for Kehinde the African Diaspora. Style and pose are important; if not imperative factors that give both generations’ works such a rich voice.

A voice that echoes across generations yet makes no physical sound. The triumph and reverence is seen deep within the eyes of the people who are viewing the men and women posing. Posing, so that they may present or introduce the African-American to the world and to an academic art world in which they are underrepresented and so that the African Diaspora could assume a position of authority via Kehinde’s Renaissance & Baroque approach. Not only do these men have an eye for style, as seen in the use of fashion and portraiture and textile patterns in their works, Hendricks and Wiley are amazing colorists. These are my type of men and they have sat a young woman down and allowed their works to resonate within me; therefore, giving me power to take their history and re-create it and re-invent it into my own herstory.

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Gallery POPPING: Kehinde Wiley
The World Stage: Brazil

I recently took a trip to LA to view a few exhibitions. The first stop was Kehinde Wiley's "The World Stage: Brazil" at the Roberts + Tilton Gallery in Culver City, CA. Kehinde is one of my favorite artists because of his attention to detail; so I try to get to one of his shows whenever I can. I had last seen his work here over the summer in Washington, DC and instantly fell in love with his color schemes and attention to details. I will speak about his artistic style in a future post; but wanted to give you the dessert before the dinner...haven't you always dreamed of having it that way? Just check it out for yourself by clicking on the picture below to enlarge...

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POPULARazzi: Meet The Duchess

Photography:Derek Blanks
Makeup: Jada B.
Hair: ZaraHair
Creative Director/Styling: Tanekeya Word

Its only proper etiquette that I re-introduce myself to you as I re-launch "POPULARized" and its focus: to introduce the people, the places and the phenomenal works of creative visionaries(discovered & undiscovered)to the general public + the addition of POPULARazzi will showcase art updates, events, happenings and sneak peeks of my work all for my POPULAR citizens!

Name: Tanekeya Word
Age: 25
Title: The Duchess of Pop Art
Zodiac Sign: Leo (Born to Rule)
Occupation: Artist, Creative Mastermind, Pop-culture Addict & Heiress of the Artworld
Favorite Color: Green
Favorite Quote: "I love to see a young girl go out and grab the world by the lapels. Life's a bitch. You've got to go out and kick ass."-Maya Angelou