Gallery POPPING: Khalif Kelly's "Electronicon"

On my way to check out Barkley L. Hendricks exhibition "The Birth of Cool", I serendipitously came across Khalif Kelly's work. Known for having a "vivid palette", Kelly takes 80s nostalgia and presents it in a new packaging for us to enjoy. It reminds you of hot days, jolly ranchers, corner stores and kool-aid. Check out his new exhibit at Santa Monica Museum of Art, I could not take pictures of the exhibition; but there are 5-7 paintings in Project Room 1 and I loved the paintings of the robots, a rabbit and 80s boys! He is currently one of my favorite artists and I am looking forward to seeing more of his amazing work. Check him out and let me know what you think!

all pics via TGP

More Khalif Kelly here


  1. I love Barkley L. Hendricks...saw his work at the Studio Museum in Harlem not too long ago at an opening and I had so many favorites...

  2. impressionnant bonne continuation