POP Treat: Matt Sesow

Matt Sesow's work seems to be influenced by Jean-Michel Basquiat yet infused with his own personal experiences, emotions and inspiration. I love that fact that Sesow,subconsciously or consciously, modernizes the legacy of Basquiat by re-inventing the style with his own twist. The "Bumble" and "Bee" are two of my favorite pieces and they've already SOLD...if you are interested in his work get it when you see it...I'm hoping he makes another "Bumble" and "Bee" piece!

all pics via Sesow

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  1. Dope! I like these a lot, and was just about to ask if they were still available, err no more tempting me allowed.

    Miss ya darlin' {beijos}.

  2. You can always contact the artist: sesow@sesow.com for commission work...I was so sad they were sold when my post published. He's going to have to go on my walls soon though :)Miss ya too :)