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Johnny Cupcakes

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So, how does a 26 year old man go from living with his parents and working odd jobs to becoming a multi-millionaire with a few stores--including one on Melrose? He had a dream and did what it took to make that dream a reality! John Earle created the perfect recipe, a nickname, lots of t-shirts and designs, that he took to the bakery and made delicious cakes--cupcakes that is! His work is so in-demand that other brands have given him the highest form of flattery by imitating his designs:

The fun doesn't stop there how about this, people have flown from the east coast to the west coast and have camped outside of his store for days just to get their hands on a piece of the sweetness Johnny Cupcake has to offer. To top it all off you enter his bakery and he doesn't even sell cupcakes...what a genius! Check out the videos to see for yourself:


+Check out the full length story here

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