Gallery POPPING: Recap
Natalia Fabia in "Hooker DreamEscape"

If your mind has ever gone on a marathon and just so happened to wonder, then the answer is,yes hookers have dreams too! Personally, I had to see what their dreams consisted of so in February I headed to the Corey Helford Gallery in Culver City, LA to view the solo exhibition "DreamEscape" by Natalia Fabia who calls herself the "hooker painter." I can only imagine the surprised look on your face; but, by "hooker" she means the dictionary version of “someone who sells their talent or abilities." Fabia proclaims, "Everyone is a hooker...especially artists!" Fabia later began to develop her own definition after creating a few hooker series and "eventually the term 'hooker' has developed to mean a strong, independent, talented, hot chick too...and I am lucky because all of my friends happen to be hot hookers and that is who I paint." At the ripe age of 26 she is a professional painter, a photographer and jewelry designer who's paying tribute to all of the strong, independent, talented hot chicks who think hookers are cool!

click pic to enlarge collage via POPULARized

+Check out the entire exhibit here

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