POPULARazzi: Confessions of a Pop-Culture Addict

Experiencing one of the rainiest days this side of the rainbow I chose to sit on my “rainy day fund” and go cold turkey. After trying many days, weeks and months to wean myself from fashion magazines, blogs and retail-therapy, I finally came to the realization, as I gave myself a delicious mani-pedi while reading Vogue, “If I could just have it all I would be satisfied!” It was just that simple, there was no need to result to the iconic 12 step programs, the overpriced rehab centers or dialing the anonymous hotlines for I had tried them all on like several pairs of Louboutins; yet, no matter the distance I traveled my sole red stained, I just couldn’t bare kicking the habit and ruining my most prized possession. I would be crazy right? My frustration had now grown six inches higher and in the event of trying to balance it all I dropped my precious Vogue and my very hard to find bottle of O.P.I. fell right on the most beautiful high-fashion layout and Pop-Couture Art was born! A mishap…no fashionistas this was an intervention, a divine one at that because not only did I have the remedy for my addiction I was thankful the polish did not deface my shoes since I also now had the perfect excuse to throw on my new raincoat and run out to buy yet another book and art supplies. Yes, this re-formed Pop-Culture addict is now a Pop-Culture artist who creates original artwork for those that love art, fashion, design, color, pop-culture and having it all. Well, did I say re-formed addict…sort of like a functional addict…yeah, that’s it ;)

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