25 Random Things About Me

While logging into facebook I was tagged a few times in notes called "25 Random Things". The rule is that if you are tagged you have to write 25 things and tag others...so, I gave it a try:

1. If I were a boy my personality would be a mixture of Pharrell and Kanye; I believe this is why I admire these guys (call me ;).

2. I love hard.

3. I am not a sensitive person; so, its almost impossible to hurt my feelings...I shrug 99.9% of things off as if its someone's personal opinion so it doesn't reflect me.

4.I am a natural go-getta who suffers from hustle-itis, like my muse says "Only real hustler's need apply!"

5. I've been told that I am not a full-time job; but, a career...I never knew what that meant...LOL!

6. I feel a strange connection with California, sorta like I was born to live there.

7.I just became a tamed lioness (I learned to choose my battles...I'm a warrior by nature)

8.I never wanted children until I met my niece and nephews.

9.I never appreciated my name until I discovered Google ( I can always find me on top of the list).

10.I secretly wish I could sing because I would burst out in song, mid sentence, with adlibs....thank you!

11.I just learned how to drive (parents chauffeured me, my sisters say because I was overly spoiled)...yeah, don't get in a car with me just yet...maybe by summer...LOL!

12. I'm a beauty connoisseur...if I love it I collect it!

13.I dream of restoring a bungalow

14. My favorite time is alone time

15. Colors speak to me like emotions

16. My mind is always in overdrive so I have a pen and paper everywhere

17. I love teaching my 7 year old niece the meaning of words and how to spell them such as "perpendicular"...she learned it in 2 minutes and won McDonald's (ugh!) then went to school and showed off...that's my girl :)

18.When I am silent__________________ (I think I will keep this to myself)

19. I never knew my strength until it was tested, now I'm STRONGER.

20. I love vegetables (even brussel spouts)

21. I am infatuated with gloves

22. I dream BIG

23. My BIGGEST weakness is Loyalty (darn that Leo trait...LOL)

24. If I really want something nothing can stand in my way from getting it, enough said (I'm a fierce lioness)

25. I've never wished I could be anyone but me

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