POPULARazzi: Better Late than Never

There is nothing like a blizzard to keep you locked indoors and at the mercy of leisure time. I've managed to organize everything in site (yes, I am a neat freak) and I have given myself a polish change. I decided on something colorful like the South Beach Collection by OPI "On Collins Ave." better to dream of South Beach than look out your window and see the North Pole. My goal is to read all of my March issue magazines and to start one book and have it completed by this time next week. I believe a book challenge is in order I collect so many then read 2-3 at a time so it can take forever to finish one. At any cost its better late than never to start a project and finish it than to not attempt or finish it at all. What have you read lately?

"Live What You Love" and have a Gorgeous Day!

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