POPULARazzi:The Idea of “Having it All”

If there was ever a “Pinocchio Story” as Kanye so eloquently spits it, then there has to be some truth in the tale that “a real boy” or shall we say “real woman” can “have it all” and still be unhappy. The idea of having it all is simply that—an idea! Over blackberry messenger, tears, lattes and laughter my girls and I began concocting a remedy to all of this social madness. Sacrifice, was the main ingredient! It was so bitter-sweet that it left an after taste in ones mouth like Godiva dark chocolate, a vente caramel macchiato, “Excuse me honey, hold the caramel,” or stilettos without the inches; but, it was necessary. In life, how can anyone obtain the true sense of sweet fulfillment without the sour days in between? We have all bitten the heads off of dense chocolate Easter bunnies and swore it was the best chocolate ever, which was before we became chocolate aficionados. Had we not loved hot chocolate which was enough to quench our thirsts on the coldest of days before we had latte days or had we not worn chunky wedges or kitten heels before we became stiletto sharp? Our lives should be rich in sacrifices because they are merely steps to attaining our “all”. It is not what society tells you the “all” should be in your life; it is your heart’s desires which are as individualistic as each of our taste buds. Some might say, "Are the sacrifices worth “having it all”? For this I shall say, analyze your life and if it’s based on material things, if it’s to prove yourself to someone, to be seen and adored by people so you feel loved, then the sacrifice of your true self will never be worth it. Your all has to be aligned with your God-given purpose and I am sure you will get a few sweet treats in between, a few and not "all" of the sweet treats because too much honey is never a good thing. I leave you with one man’s story of “having it all” and chasing the “American Dream”…u decide what it “all” really means!
"Live What You Love"

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