1 Reason 2 Admire Kanye

If you read my last post, you would know that I have a serious admiration for Kanye & Pharrell's artistic style and visions, from what I have seen in the media we may also have similar personality traits, (I would love to meet them both one day just to find out for myself and marvel at their art collections).

So, it's officially a Kanye West day for me! I just played "Stronger" which was my 07 anthem followed by "Say You Will", that song just does it for me, while browsing the net. Usually, I get up every morning and read anything I can get my hands on just to see what's going on in the art/entertainment industry (the good stuff). I began a content fast; so, I don't cater to reading the downward spiral info (yes, I have read a few in the past) but it doesn't inspire me; so, I must save room in this head of mine for only marvelous things.

*pictures via So Haute

"Welcome to heartbreak", doesn't the sight of West's home makes your heart hurt from the sheer pain of beauty. A sandblasted modern door greets you and once opened the beautiful walnut flooring holds its on against the bronze orange painted Hermes shopping bag sculpture by Johnathan Sigler. There is nothing like Campbell's soup in the kitchen which of course are iconic Andy Warhol prints. Ernie Barnes, one of my favorite artists and actually he was also a football player created a commissioned piece entitled "A Life Restored" for Kanye after his near fatal accident. The living room has of course non-other than Takashi Murakami's acrylic and canvas piece "Time Bokam-Missing in the Eyes-Red". Just when you thought it was over Kanye commissioned six pieces of artwork (only 4 shown here) from Burton Morris inspired by "The Jetsons", he also owns a "Smacks" and a "Big Boy" piece from the same artist. The office is very colorful filled with pillows by Takashi, a screen print by Russell Young, Eames leather swivel chair and Maurice Calka's boomerang desk is ridiculously scrumptious. Not only does Kanye do luxury, modern and contemporary like no other he has the audacity to have a framed signature of my man Andy Warhol...seriously invite me over for lunch!

Have a Gorgeous Day and rememeber to "Live What You Love"...Smooches!

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