Game Time Decision

Recently, I found out that my love for nail polish was actually an addiction! I have collected several colors and they are all just as gorgeous as the acrylic paints that I buy tons of (hey, its my profession)! Unfortunately, I had no excuse to buy the wonderful nail lacquers until I discovered..."hey, this is a great opportunity to express being financially savvy". It is a "recession" and I am doing my part by partaking in my own manicures! To be quite honest, I always find a problem when someone else is painting my nails...its half done no matter how expensive the mani/pedi is. So, as a "Loyal Leo" I went directly to write a list down of all of my fav O.P.I. colors. This list is like the dream team, you know back in the day when Jordan was on the dream team, I am sure to score all of the hottest looks with this. There was only one problem...the "Jordan" color was asking for a "Jordan" salary....why was the rare color "Jasper Jade" retailing for $55 plus shipping! Are you serious, this color was doing better than the stock market from $8.50 to $55 in a matter of 12 years who knew nail polish was an investment in beauty and in wealth :) My excuses are getting better by the minute! So, I have a game time decision to I purchase the "Jordan" (O.P.I. Jasper Jade) or go with the "Pippen" (China Glaze Gussied Up)? Check out the Color Comparisons here

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