POPULARazzi: Fruit of My Labor

So, I am working on my new book! Its a combination of things so I will give more details when the content is solid and the release date is confirmed. I must admit, I am overly excited about all of my future projects being released in 2010!!!!! One thing I have learned over the past year is that passionate projects take longer. Not that I am not passionate about all of my work; but, there is a HUGE difference in a project (long) and a series (short). As a writer and an artist I am pulled by a force to do both of these and when I say I looove to read and gain knowledge that's an understatement. I am very analytical and a lover of deep thoughts, the mind is like the freshest fruit. So, it is only natural for me to have fruit trees growing inside my mind. I pick it often and encourage others to do the same, trust me there is a lot of food for thought up there.

I am growing an orchard in my head right now, that consists of about 10 projects, there seeds have been laid and tilled for almost 2 years and I stay working sun up and sundown on them. I grow because of the living water poured on me daily and the light of encouragement that others give and that I give daily. You see sowing good seeds reaps a harvest proportionate to that which you have sown. I pray that the fruit of my labor inspires you all and I am excited to share a piece of my harvest with you sooner than later. While you all are waiting on the new projects check out my book "Sugar In the Raw: A Love Saga" here its your dessert for today and be encouraged daily to "Live What You Love"

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